Math = Success

Math skills are a strong predictor of success.

Gaps in math knowledge prevent students from achieving their full potential.

Our mission is to empower students to succeed.

The Issue

Only 24% of low income students in California meet 8th grade math expectations

We are on a mission to change that.

Math Equity Matters

Math skills are life skills. Day-to-day occurrences such as grocery discounts, making change or comparing interest rates for a car loan require math understanding.

Unequal access to quality education can result in an incomplete mastery of basic math skills. Without these, students experience long-term, negative effects. Students of color and economically disadvantaged students are disproportionately impacted by these challenges.

Strong math foundations open pathways to many opportunities including STEM. In the next decade, STEM jobs are predicted to grow the fastest* and will provide living-wage jobs and economic mobility.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2019–29 employment projections

Mission & Values

Our mission

  • To empower every student to become confident and successful in math and science.
  • Our approach

  • We provide diagnostic services to accurately identify gaps in a student's foundation math skills.
  • We support educators with real-time data and resources and improve math confidence.
  • We believe

  • that math is an essential life-skill
  • that all students can learn math
  • that partnering with educators is essential to the success of our work
  • in diversity in STEM classrooms and workplaces
  • in a nonjudgemental and affirming approach to learning.

    16 schools & community organizations

    served in the last 3 years

    4500+ Math diagnostic assessments


    96% Improvement in math confidence

    after completing Ready.Set.Excel's program


    “RSE has empowered us...”   Show more

    ““RSE has empowered us with the diagnostics analysis services and support needed to offer personalized, data-driven math coaching for our 9th graders. With RSE's partnership, we have finally been able to design and implement a program that seamlessly aligns the intervention that our students need with the diagnostic tools to enable us to identify exactly the students that could benefit from the intervention and precisely measure their growth as well as the direct impact of the intervention provided.”” ...Show less

    Derek Ang, Teacher, East Palo Alto Academy

    "Ready.Set. Excel's enabled us to demonstrate measurable progress...."   Show more

    "Supported by Ready.Set.Excel's diagnostic service with online assessments/data-driven analysis and support resources for our teacher, we were able to demonstrate measurable progress in the Summer Accelerator program for 7th and 8th graders, especially during this COVID-19 epidemic."   Show less

    Asra Hussain, Sr Program Manager, Foundation for a College Education

    "Ready.Set.Excel has empowered our summer programs ..."   Show more

    "Ready.Set.Excel has empowered our summer programs for 6th-8th grade to tailor and focus our curriculum to individual student needs. We have seen tremendous growth in our students' ability to access and use math fundamentals when solving both larger math problems and during their work in the math and science classrooms"   Show less

    Elaine Barry, Director of Sophie's Scholars Program & Barat College Access Fund

    "Ready.Set.Excel's founders are committed to math equity"  Show more

    "With all of the math support options out there, it's helpful to know that RSE is more than just a math assessment. The RSE diagnostic helps students (and their teachers and parents) understand missing math knowledge, and makes a plan to address the learning gaps. Ready.Set.Excel's founders are committed to math equity and to ensuring that math becomes a tool students can use in their everyday lives."  Show less

    Mindy Rogers, Philanthropist

    Thank you, Ready.Set.Excel!  Show more

    Thank you, Ready.Set.Excel! Our math readiness for chemistry placement was seamless, supporting the needs of all students by suggesting the course that was mathematically, conceptually, and appropriately challenging!"  Show less

    Sharon Sikora, Teacher, Sacred Heart Prep

    Our supporters

    Stanley S.Langendorf Foundation

    Rogers Family Foundation

    Roots Family Foundation


    Make a Positive Impact

    Your contribution helps us provide programs and support to empower students to succeed in high school and beyond. By building skills and self-confidence in math, we hope to change a student's mindset from "I'm not a math person" to “I got this!”


    Our Short Story

    The idea for Ready.Set.Excel began with three parents and a high school science teacher. Each school year, the teacher witnessed the impact missing math concepts had on students’ success in the classroom. The parents, engineers, experienced first hand the importance of math for success in STEM careers. All understood that a common issue was holding students back from succeeding in math and science: gaps in understanding key math concepts taught in elementary and middle school.

    Starting in middle school, we partner with teachers, schools, and after-school programs, to identify students with gaps in foundational math and fix those gaps. In high school, demanding schedules prevent teachers from going back and addressing earlier gaps. Students that participate in our programs leave with improved math skills, and more importantly, increased confidence in their math ability.


    RSE Board

    Maya Srinivasan
    President & Founder
    Asavari Ukidve
    Vice-President & Founder
    Mallika Sankaran
    Board Member

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    STEM success for all
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    Business Development
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